Oil & Gas

Production Well Services

Production Well Services | Danny

Nacelle’s mobile compression unit kicks off impacted wells in highly developed reservoirs and pressurizes a wellbore for protection from the implications of offset hydraulic fracturing

  • Portable, as-needed gas injection system for gas well deliquification
  • Eliminates rig work and mechanical subsurface operations
  • Offset hydraulic fracturing mitigation
  • Discharge pressure up to 2500 PSIG
  • Cost-effective alternative to nitrogen

BTU Reduction

Every job is different – this holds true for every well drilled, completed and turned in line. Our BTU Reduction programs assist operators in meeting transmission line gas specifications, avoiding costly tariff obligations and increasing your bottom line.

  • Reduces BTU level of gas to pipeline spec preventing paying tariffs or other fees associated with High BTU gas
  • Simple system to operate with a small footprint
  • Minimum on-site piping. No chiller or additional genset required
  • No cryogenics, no absorbents, no chemicals, no effluents
  • High efficiency- Recovers highest percentage of NGL separation systems per mcf enabling largest value for NGLs sold downstream
  • Unit can be sized to fit small or large scale operations

NGL Extraction & Flare Recovery System | Big Dog

Nacelle’s technology systems provide flexibility and solutions for challenging compliance environments.

  • Lean methane byproduct gas for beneficial use
  • Maximize NGL extraction & marketing
  • Eliminate or minimize dry line BTU tariffs
  • Condition associated gas from on-site source to environmentally conscious flare spec
  • Exceed state-regulated flaring & emissions requirements